Quality web solutions for small businesses, homeowners associations and social organizations; JavaScript development; and limited sub-contracting.  I enjoy helping my clients find solutions they didn’t think they could afford.  

What I do Best


Leverage Existing Technologies

I like to apply what I know about existing web technologies to provide affordable solutions to clients with limited resources who might not otherwise take advantage of the internet. I rely on commercial hosting companies to provide server support, and use low-cost website frameworks like Word Press and Drupal to create attractive, maintainable websites. Combining websites with and other free or low-cost services like Facebook, Twitter is a powerful, low-cost way for clients to reach their audience.

Provide Continuity

Homeowners associations, clubs and social organizations often have a relatively high turnover of staff with varying degrees of skill or interest in maintaining a website or Facebook page. Relying on staff talent can save on costs in the short term, but can lead to trouble in the long run. Maintaining control over your site can be difficult if the person who had control over passwords, your domain name, and your hosting account is no longer available.

Putting it Together – Keeping it Together

Dealing with web hosting companies, domain name registration and renewal, keeping your site updated with the latest software and patches, backing up your site, inspecting your site for broken links; all part of keeping a website running and up to date. I like to provide a hassle-free experience for my customers by taking care of all those details.

Partnering with Other Web Providers

I enjoy proving occasional support to other web providers to collaboration on projects, especially when the work involves providing JavaScript support. I’m working hard to expand and hone my skills, and welcome opportunities to learn from others while also being able to contribute.