Finding it challenging to keep your website up to date? Many websites start out with a great deal of enthusiasm and are very well maintained. But over time it can be challenging to keep a website up to date.

Perhaps you no longer have time. Perhaps a volunteer webmaster is no longer providing support. Whatever the reason, Web Guy on a Bike can help keep your website up to date.

Restructure Your Site

A website designed to provide announcements, news and information or upcoming events needs much more attention than one designed to provide core information about its owners, contact information and infrequently-changing resources. Combining a website with static content with a Facebook page and/or Twitter account for more dynamic content such as news, information and current events is a powerful web solution. Restructuring your web presence to match your capabilities and resources is a practical way to keep your website up to date.

Put a Web Mechanic on Your Team

Whether you’re looking for an comprehensive web solution of just occasional assistance with your website, Web Guy on a Bike can help.