Who’s “Googling” you? Homeowners and renters? Prospective buyers searching for a new home? ┬áIt’s a good bet that someone has opened up their laptop, tablet or smart phone recently and searched for you on the internet. And when they did, what did they find?

Benefits of an HOA Web Site

Web solutions bring value to Homeowners Associations.

The Internet is Where We Go for Information

It’s where residents look first to find:

  • Community Rules and Guidelines
  • Operating Hours and Access Procedures for HOA Amenities
  • Forms and Procedures for Submitting Requests
  • Contact Information for the association board, management company and emergency contacts

Increasingly, websites are becoming an expected level of service provided by HOA’s.

HOA Rules Awareness and Compliance

Most residents will make a reasonable effort to seek out and comply with HOA regulations and guidelines.

  • Can I park my RV in front of my house?
  • Does my house guest need a parking permit?
  • Can I bring guests to the pool?
  • What re the guidelines for home improvements and repairs?
  • Can I set a temporary storage unit in front of my home for a few days?

If they can’t find what they need quickly, many residents will give up and are less likely to spend time searching the next time they need answers.

Establish Your Credibility and Authority

Just as a business suit or uniform, business cards and stationary with a letterhead help establish the professional image for a business, a professional website helps project an image of competence and authority for a homeowners association.

Most residents will never attend a board meeting, but they will seek you out on the internet. When they find an attractive, up to date website containing helpful information it makes an impression:

  • This is an HOA that understands the needs of its residents.
  • This HOA is likely attending to its other responsibilities with the same level of competence and professionalism.
  • This HOA is taking good care of my community.

Do it Yourself?

There are many do-it-yourself resources for creating websites, and for HOA’s with skilled volunteers can be a viable solution; however, there are risks:

  • Skills vary, and making a professional-looking sites that operate well on computers, tablets and cell phones can be challenging.
  • Maintaining websites well over time can be a challenge. Who will maintain the site when the person who built it leaves?
  • Unless they are well defined, website policies and processes may be lost as board members come and go.

Invest in a Professional Quality Website!

Partner with Web Guy on a Bike and realize the benefits of professional web design and hosting:

  • An attractive and professional-looking website
  • Consistent operation and maintenance
  • Affordable!