I am a professional webmaster and web developer located in Cardiff-by-the-sea, California. Web Guy on a Bike is a part time endeavor for me, a way of expanding my horizons, keeping my web skills current and maybe help fund a bike trip every now and again!

I have more than 15 years experience in web development, a career switch I made after retiring from the US Air Force and then spending several years in government service in another line of work.



My skills include:

  • Basic HTML and CSS skills
  • Email Marketing (Mail Chimp)
  • JavaScript, jQuery, CoffeeScript and related JavaScript technologies
  • Active Server Pages, ASP and ASP.NET
  • XML, SQL
  • Working knowledge with SQL Server and MySQL
  • Microsoft Office
  • Java web development
  • SharePoint 2007 and 2010
  • Growing skills in Word Press and Drupal


A “Disqualification”

I am a US Government employee and as such cannot take on any work either directly or indirectly involving the federal government.